The author of this site has spent most of this century living in countries and cities different to those in which he was raised. His formative years were spent in a very small town called Lossiemouth on the (far) North East coast of Scotland – he left those shores in 2002 to spend 18 months living Adelaide, South Australia; 1 year in Edinburgh, Scotland; 3 years in London.

This website has been created to record his experiences and thoughts about his first move to a non English speaking country – 5 months in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Uruguay is a small country of 3 million people in cradled between Argentina, Brazil and the Rio De La Plata (Silver River) in South America.  Montevideo is the capital city of Uruguay with approx 50% of the country’s population living in it, it has a very relaxed culture similar but definitely not the same as Argentina. 

The main language spoken here is Spanish however there is a basic understanding of English and the author believes there is probably a good understanding of Portugese.

The people of Uruguay can trace their descendancy to main groups of people – the Spanish conquestadors, Latin European (mainly Spanish and Italian) migrants, German and Swiss migrants and of course many different Latin American countries. Unfortunately there are very few descendants of the indigenous peoples of Uruguay and Argentina as a result of an embarassing history that is not often spoken of.