Broadband – getting connected in Montevideo (Uruguay)

The more astute readers among you may have realised it is difficult to keep a blog up to date without some kind of reliable Internet connection.

In this article I attempt to give an outline of the options for broadband connection in Montevideo and the likely cost/timing of these…

Uruguay historically (and maybe currently) has had a state owned telephony company called Antel(Administración Nacional de Telecomunicaciones) as a result the majority, if not all, of the telephone infrastructure is still owned and operated by them. Any other companies offering telephony services are doing so across their network.

With this in mind it might be a reasonable assumption to make that Antel should have a well priced broadband offering with relatively fast speeds available. From the author’s research they are able to offer a connection speed of 1.5 Mbps (down) and 196 Kbps (up).

This is the fastest speed the company that owns the network is able to offer – therefore the fastest speed anyone else can offer to residential customers. However they do not appear (or the other company seems uninterested in) the maximum speed to the competition. Strange given the competition also offers the lower speeds at a better price to AntelData ūüėČ

The package the author finally settled on was a 512 Kbps up and 256 Kbps download, this was offered by the only other company I could find –¬†Dedicado; this came at a price of $1500.23 (Uruguayan pesos) per month and a minimum of a 12 month contract – early cancellation will attract a 3 month penalty fee.¬†There was also an installation fee of approx $2000 (Uruguayan pesos) – common to most utilities in Montevideo. As with all bills so far¬†these bills¬†can be paid in most bank branches or Abitab stores.

One further thing of note is that Dedicado far surpassed AntelData with infinitely more friendly and helpful customer service and the time to wait for a connection; Dedicado could manage it in 5 days and AntelData required 2-3 weeks.

In summary both firms seems equally capable of offering a reliable broadband service in the author’s experience, both offer similar speeds at similar prices, Dedicado is much more customer service orientated; the author chose Dedicado.

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