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Soda Stereo – Buenos Aires (River Plate) 20 Oct 2007

22 October 2007

The author is breaking from the normal guide type posts for this article to describe a concert with the Latin American phenomenon that is Soda Stereo. I have long been a fan of English & German (language) rock but seldom heard Spanish rock until I met my Mexican partner. This weekend¬†she introduced me to it […]

Useful Spanish Vocabulary for Motorcyle(s) and Car(s)

18 October 2007

Following the purchase of a motorbike in the barrio of Malvin in Montevideo the author has had occasional requirement to visit mechanics / sales people¬†and discuss various items regarding motorcycles, cars and the mechanical components of both. Below is a list of useful vocabulary that he has recorded during this process (translations may not be […]

Broadband – getting connected in Montevideo (Uruguay)

18 October 2007

The more astute readers among you may have realised it is difficult to keep a blog up to date without some kind of reliable Internet connection. In this article I attempt to give an outline of the options for broadband connection in Montevideo and the likely cost/timing of these…