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Motorcycle Helmets in Montevideo (Uruguay)

26 September 2007

Wearing a helmet whilst riding a motorcycle is one of those regulations that varies from country to country and it is often difficult to know what the laws are. Montevideo is no exception, walking around the city you will see a large number of small motorcycles and scooters on the roads with riders in varying […]

Overview of Motorbikes in Montevideo (Uruguay)

26 September 2007

After moving to Montevideo with the intention of purchasing a motorcycle to allow the freedom to explore the country the author began his search, this article details a few observations on the state and culture of motorcycles in Uruguay. The author of this post hails from Europe where the majority of countries have easily accessible, large […]

Motorbike / Motorcycle Insurance in Montevideo (Uruguay)

24 September 2007

One of the things you will notice upon first arrival in Montevideo (or Uruguay in general) is that the traffic here is a little more chaotic than most European, North American or Australasian cities. Prior to arriving here I had read several warnings about the traffic laws and the varying levels adherence to those laws. I […]

Spanish School In Montevideo – La Herradura

19 September 2007

Arriving in Montevideo with very basic Spanish it seemed like a good idea to enrol in a language course as soon as possible! I wanted find a 1 week (or longer) intensive course to get me up to speed but also ongoing to have 2 hour classes twice weekly to help me along afterwards. Additionally I was hoping to find a group course for the 1st week […]