La Salamora (Eco) Tourist Posada In Lavalleja, Uruguay

6 August 2008admin

We decided a while ago to get to know more of Uruguay. With this in mind we began the search for an estancia (similar to ranch) in the Sierras of Uruguay near to Minas.

With the desire to get to know the country and people in it better we settled on the idea to find a touristic estancia in which to spend a weekend with some hosts, some horses and share some good food and good company. Having looked at several options we settled on one La Salamora; a posada near Minas specialising in eco-tourism.

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Keeway Cruiser 250cc Review

3 March 2008admin

A few months ago I purchased a new Keeway Cruiser 250cc motorcycle in Montevideo, Uruguay; I wanted a cheap mode of daily transport and an enjoyable way to see more of Uruguay and possibly Argentina.

Having owned the bike for a few months and ridden approx 4000 Km (and undertaken a road trip to Mendoza in Argentina on it!). I feel the time is right to provide a review of the bike; something that I noticed was lacking when I bought the bike.

Keeway Cruiser 250cc - Villa Serrana, Uruguay


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Buying protective motorcycle/motorbike clothing in Montevideo

21 November 2007admin

As mentioned in several earlier posts, I recently purchased a 250cc motor bike in from a dealer in the barrio of Malvin in Montevideo. European and most North American bikers will be accustomed to wearing a helmet while riding and many if not all will also wear some form of protective clothing – so I assumed it would be the same in Uruguay, right?

Well not exactly. As noted in an earlier post about the use of helmets in Uruguay they are  not worn all the time and are often of dubious quality. Also, given that most motorbikes in Montevideo are relatively small and cheap it is not surprising most riders wear no protective clothing beyond the helmet.

I prefer to ride with at least protective gloves and an armoured jacket; on longer/faster rides also protective trousers. So, I set out to buy some protective gear in a city where there is no market (and few shops) for it. This post details a few shops I found that were useful. Read the rest of this entry »

Soda Stereo – Buenos Aires (River Plate) 20 Oct 2007

22 October 2007admin

The author is breaking from the normal guide type posts for this article to describe a concert with the Latin American phenomenon that is Soda Stereo.

I have long been a fan of English & German (language) rock but seldom heard Spanish rock until I met my Mexican partner. This weekend she introduced me to it in person so to speak!

We went to our first rock concert on Saturday 20 Oct 2007 in the River Plate football (soccer) stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina to see a group called Soda Stereo. They are a huge Argentine rock band from the 80s, I would guess a similar same size for Latin America as Queen were for the UK. They split up a good few years ago but reformed for a 2 month Latin American tour this year.

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Useful Spanish Vocabulary for Motorcyle(s) and Car(s)

18 October 2007admin

Following the purchase of a motorbike in the barrio of Malvin in Montevideo the author has had occasional requirement to visit mechanics / sales people and discuss various items regarding motorcycles, cars and the mechanical components of both.

Below is a list of useful vocabulary that he has recorded during this process (translations may not be 100% accurate but they are what he has understood from the conversations).

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Broadband – getting connected in Montevideo (Uruguay)

18 October 2007admin

The more astute readers among you may have realised it is difficult to keep a blog up to date without some kind of reliable Internet connection.

In this article I attempt to give an outline of the options for broadband connection in Montevideo and the likely cost/timing of these…

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Motorcycle Helmets in Montevideo (Uruguay)

26 September 2007admin

Wearing a helmet whilst riding a motorcycle is one of those regulations that varies from country to country and it is often difficult to know what the laws are.

Montevideo is no exception, walking around the city you will see a large number of small motorcycles and scooters on the roads with riders in varying safety dress, so far I have seen riders in the following states:

  • Helmet worn on head (fastened under the chin) and protective clothing
  • Helmet worn on head (fastened under the chin)
  • Helmet worn on head (unfastened under the chin)
  • Helmet perched on top of head (like a baseball cap)
  • Helmet perched on top of head (like a baseball cap) over baseball cap
  • Helmet worn on elbow
  • Helmet perched on handlebar
  • No helmet at all

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Overview of Motorbikes in Montevideo (Uruguay)

26 September 2007admin

After moving to Montevideo with the intention of purchasing a motorcycle to allow the freedom to explore the country the author began his search, this article details a few observations on the state and culture of motorcycles in Uruguay.

The author of this post hails from Europe where the majority of countries have easily accessible, large (+ 500cc) and reliable motorcycles; as a result his assumption was it wouldnt be difficult or expensive to purchase a motor bike of this size – it turns out this is not the case!

Most motorcycle riders in Montevideo sit astride machines ranging from 49cc to 125cc with the occasional 200cc motorbike appearing but they are not common. The majority of riders here are delivery riders and almost all small cafes, restaurants, shops and pharmacies have a home delivery service. As a result the market for large (in Montevideo terms +200cc) bikes is limited and vendors are not easy to come by, this article details a few along with the more common brands in Uruguay. Read the rest of this entry »

Motorbike / Motorcycle Insurance in Montevideo (Uruguay)

24 September 2007admin

One of the things you will notice upon first arrival in Montevideo (or Uruguay in general) is that the traffic here is a little more chaotic than most European, North American or Australasian cities. Prior to arriving here I had read several warnings about the traffic laws and the varying levels adherence to those laws.

I am pleased to say that whilst the traffic here is less than organised and the laws appear to be used as guidelines; I have seen very few incidents, very little road rage and no accidents. With that in mind I set out to purchase a motorcycle, one of the first things I though it wise to find out about was insurance. Read the rest of this entry »

Spanish School In Montevideo – La Herradura

19 September 2007admin

Arriving in Montevideo with very basic Spanish it seemed like a good idea to enrol in a language course as soon as possible!

I wanted find a 1 week (or longer) intensive course to get me up to speed but also ongoing to have 2 hour classes twice weekly to help me along afterwards. Additionally I was hoping to find a group course for the 1st week so I could meet a few people.

I found two schools near our new apartment in Punta Carretas; both of which I visited prior to choosing. They both offer much the same courses at similar premises but one is not only cheaper than the other but also more friendly – guess which I picked!?!

The school’s details are provided at the end of this article and their website can be found at   Read the rest of this entry »